Adventuring with Adam – Extreme Karaoke

Extreme Karaoke.

This is the only way I can describe Rising Star at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk.   This spot is not your typical hole in the wall Karaoke Bar…  They have a live band, back dancers, and singers performing with you!  This takes your performance to a whole new level – something no one could have pictured from a typical Karaoke place.  Even when the singers aren’t that good, the band and dancers make sure they have a great time!  Oh, and the host always gets the crowd pumped!  Even when the band is on a break, the DJ has the audience on their feet and dancing!The prices for the drinks are pretty average of any tourist location, but the bartenders and servers are all great, making both good drinks and good conversation.  The multi-level building that feels like an old theatre always is well-maintained and clean, both in the public areas and the restrooms.

Whenever I am there, the staff, from the band to the bartenders are so friendly and seem to just be having a great time.  It makes it such a fun place to spend the evening!

I want to offer a tip – if you want to get on stage, make sure you submit your name early in the night.  Tons of people want to experience what it’s like to live out their rock-star dreams, and the list fills up!

Out of all the clubs and entertainment available at CityWalk, Rising Star is the place to be if you want a night you won’t soon forget! 

Own your moment, live like a star and dream.  Even if it’s just for one song!

Adam is a guest writer for Fairy Tale Concierge.  You can read more of his articles here!

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