Check Out One of our Favorite Breakfast Spots – Boma!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it is important that, even on vacation, you pick a great start, right?

Clients ask me often for my recommendation on the best breakfast on property. As a huge breakfast fan myself, my answer is always Boma!  

Boma is a buffet located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.  This hidden gem of a restaurant is a must do for me.  If I could manage to eat breakfast there more than once, I would…it’s just that good.

Once seated, a waiter or waitress will take your drink order.  My favorite is always Jungle Juice!  This delightful mix of passion fruit, orange, and guava juices goes by many names on property, including Stitch Juice.  It also makes for a delicious mimosa!  My husband always requests a press pot of Kenyan coffee.  Then, it’s up to the buffet...

You’ll find traditional breakfast items, such as eggs, sausage, bacon, Mickey and Simba waffles, a carving station, fruits, and pastries.  But since those are found anywhere, I’m going to focus on Boma’s more unique offerings, the items that differentiate Boma from everywhere else on property.

I love to start with a dish of pap and chakalaka.  Pap is a creamy polenta porridge similar to grits, and chakalaka is a spicy tomato stew.  It’s a warm and comforting dish that I can’t get enough of during my visit, which is why you’ll see me heading up for seconds!

Next, I head towards the cornbread topped hash.  It has just a little bit of spice, and it’s a wonderful blend of sweet, savory, and spicy.   Since I still have some room on my plate, I head to the next station.  The tater tots, while seemingly usual, have a unique seasoning that makes them addicting! Next, to the regular scrambled eggs, there are also eggs with herb and goat cheese.  Those are definitely going on my plate.  By the time I get to the sweet dishes, fruits, and pastries, my plate is full.  I’ll squeeze a bit of the delicious smoked salmon on my plate, but I’ll have to come back for the rest.

After I finish my first plate, I go back for my favorite Boma offering…French toast bread pudding with praline pecan sauce.  Let me repeat that.  French toast bread pudding with praline pecan sauce.  This is not a drill people.  This is the real deal.  This is what we’ve been training for. This is amazing dish is rich and sweet, and I always save it for last because once I have a bowlful of this decadence, I can’t eat another bite.  

I always leave Boma full and happy.  Though I can’t promise you’ll be in the best shape to go running through the parks, I can promise you won’t want anything else for quite a while, and your taste buds will thank me too!

Beth Borneman is a featured writer for this blog and Travel Agent with Fairy Tale Concierge.  To learn more about her and read more of her articles, click here!