Why The Contemporary Resort is my Favorite place to stay on Disney property!

People often ask me what I love about staying at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort. I really don’t have to think too hard about it. I know that it is the very first resort that was built on Disney property. The history behind how it was constructed just amazes me. If you have never watched a video of the actual footage of it being built, then you need to check this amazing video out!

When I first walk into the lobby, I am hit with this amazing scent that just makes me happy. The expansive lobby and welcoming cast members always start my vacation off right, and to make it even more perfect, they have a Joffrey’s coffee in the lobby! Bonus!

I personally enjoy staying in the Garden Wing, as it is close to the pool and I love waking up every morning before the rest of the family, making a cup of coffee and walking out to watch the sunrise over the boats of guests heading over to start their Magical day at the Magic Kingdom. It only takes about 3 minutes to walk to the main building, so it isn’t far at all from the action, but you have a much more quiet feeling. Plus, you can walk over to the main building to grab a Monorail even in the rain, as the main walkway is covered!

The fantastic pool area has a waterslide and a splash pad for the little ones. Kids can enjoy the activities that are available like a hula hoop contest and dance contest while the adults sit back and relax. The lifeguards are always on the lookout and if you are lucky, you may just be able to help them do some lifesaving drills and learn something along the way!

You can enter the main building of the Contemporary from the main floor and then take the escalators up to the third floor where you will find Chef Mickeys!  This iconic character meal lets you dine with the Fab 5, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto! How cool is that?  Looking for something a little more romantic?  Visit The Outer Rim to enjoy a cocktail and then head to dinner at The California Grill for a date night. This is the perfect place for adults to enjoy a spectacular dinner and then view the fireworks from The Magic Kingdom. The view is unsurpassed and they even pipe in the music for you to enjoy. 

One of my favorite places to eat actually took us a few visits to try. You see, my family isn’t that adventurous with food so my picky eaters were a little worried about the at The Wave…  I’m glad we didn’t wait too much longer!   Let me tell you if you haven’t tried The Wave yet, you are totally missing out!  The sweet potato pancakes are reason enough to go!  As an added bonus, the dishes are more along the healthy side with ingredients that are grown locally!  In fact, many of the foods you enjoy at The Wave are grown right in Walt Disney World.

The other phenomenal option for food is The Contempo Café. This is a quick service option that really has something for everyone. My son, who used to be the pickiest eater, loves their cheeseburgers and fries while my daughter will snag a homemade chip from anyone who orders them, after eating all of hers first. Funny how the little things can truly make someone happy.

But, above all else, the best thing about The Contemporary is the Monorail and watching it drive right through the building. There is just something so magical about it. You have to see it to feel the magic.  What a great option, especially with little ones to be able to hop on the Monorail and be at The Magic Kingdom without any fuss. For family’s with little ones, it truly is the perfect location, letting you hop back to your resort for a mid-day nap without losing too much time with transportation!  You can also catch a quick ride on the Monorail to Epcot. 

One of my favorite memories was a day during a family vacation when everyone but my Daughter and I were ready to go back to the room to take a nap…  Since we were not ready to call it quits for a while, we decided to hop on a boat from Contemporary to The Wilderness Lodge. We chatted with the boat driver about all the cool facts of Bay Lake and the original water park, River Country!  He talked to us about the wildlife area, Discovery Island, that was around long before The Animal Kingdom, and how difficult it was to find the two tortoises that still lived on the island.  It was a truly unique experience and reminded us that Walt Disney World is filled with such rich history – that all started with The Contemporary Resort!  

Every time I arrive, I feel like I have come home.  You just can’t beat that feeling.

Christine Henry is a is a featured writer for this blog and Travel Agent with Fairy Tale Concierge.  To learn more about her and read more of her articles, click here!