Dine Like a Beast at Be Our Guest Restaurant


It is 180 days out from your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation. The task at hand, securing advanced dining reservations for the most difficult and highly sought after dinner reservation at Be Our Guest Restaurant, a 550 person dining venue.

Be Our Guest Restaurant, located in the Beast’s castle in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park is an unbelievable testament to the Disney Imagineers.  From a distance, the Beast’s castle makes a strong and powerful presence.  After you check in for your reservation, you then wait on the cobblestone bridge to the entrance of the Beast’s castle.  As you wait, absorb the details in the stonework, gothic statues, colorful mosaics, and views of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Prince Eric’s Castle. Then your name is called, and once you step inside, your fairy tale has begun and you are now fully immersed as The Beast’s dining guest.

As your cast member brings you to your table, take notice to Disney Imagineers’ creative artistic details.  Diners enter through the first and largest of three rooms, the two story Grand Ballroom, where Belle and the Beast shared their first dance.

The Grand Ballroom features dramatic chandeliers and several floor to ceiling arched windows allowing for a view of the magic!  Snow falls outside the castle’s windows and the large snowflakes coat the evergreens on the French countryside. This is the largest of the three rooms and makes you feel like you are in an enchanted castle.

The second dining room is the West Wing where diners can view a hologram of the enchanted rose.  This room is literally and figuratively dark.  There is a mysterious portrait of the Prince, which takes on a very beastly form as lightning strikes across the windows and rumbles of thunder are heard. Also, there are slashed pictures and tapestries from the Beast’s outburst of anger. Pay close attention to these as they may transform before your eyes.

The final dining room is the Castle Gallery, where the focal point is a rotating Belle and Beast figurine dancing on top of a 7′ music box.  Notice that all of the napkins are folded into roses!

During your dinner, the Beast is announced several times throughout your meal in the Grand Ballroom, and he then invites his guests to visit him in his Study. Also at this time, take this opportunity to view the castle’s rooms and all of their fine details and craftsmanship.

This table service dinner is French inspired, based on the Provencal setting of Disney’s movie, Beauty and the Beast.

The true culinary highlights for most diners at Be Our Guest Restaurant are the dessert offerings. The desserts are presented on a pastry cart and include a strawberry cream cheese or triple chocolate cupcake and, of course, for the Beauty and the Beast fan, you should try the “Grey Stuff”, it’s delicious! If you don’t believe me, ask the dishes!

Before leaving, most guests join Beast in his Study for a character greeting and photo. As you exit, walk along a hall lined of knights’ armor.  Don’t leave too quickly or you’ll miss their banter!

Advance reservations are strongly recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to your visit. With a little bit of luck on your side, or the help of a Fairy Tale Concierge agent, hopefully, you can reserve a night out at Be Our Guest Restaurant.  Because the grand and enchanting fairy tale setting of the Beast’s Castle are symbolic of Disney’s magic.

Jill Turner is a featured writer for this blog and Travel Agent with Fairy Tale Concierge.   To learn more about Jill and read more of her articles for this blog, click here.