Family Movie Night – Toy Story!

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

My family loves to vacation at Disney World. (Seriously, we go every summer and sometimes do trips mid-year as well!) Our Disney addiction is REAL, and when we aren’t in the parks we are dreaming about our next visit. To help us count down the time until we can return, we do weekly theme movie nights! With our movie nights, we plan to watch a movie and then eat a meal that is themed based on that movie. Sometimes the kids will even color an activity sheet that goes along with the movie! We have lots of fun! As a bonus, it prepares the kids for the back stories of all the rides and characters we will meet on our trips!

With Toy Story Land projected to open at Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando THIS summer of 2018, we decided that we will kick off this week with watching Toy Story. Toy Story is a favorite of adults and kids alike, and is always a crowd pleaser in my house!

For our menu we settled on Hamm’s Pigs in a Blanket (Hot Dogs wrapped in Crescent Rolls), Slinky Dog’s Fries (Frozen Curly Fries), Woody’s Cowboy Dip with Veggies (Ranch Dip with cut celery and carrots), and The Claw’s Alien Cupcakes. As you can see, we are keeping the menu simple this week (check out our fancy plates! We want this to be as enjoyable for everyone as possible- which means fewer dishes for mom to do!).

The only thing that is taking any more effort than a usual dinner is making cupcakes and decorating them. For our Alien cupcakes, I just baked a yellow cake in green cupcake liners. Then I added green food coloring and a few drops of yellow food coloring to a can of vanilla frosting. After the cupcakes were cooled I frosted them and then added candy eyes on top. For the mouth, I just took a small tube of black frosting and made an oval as if the aliens were saying “oooooh.” I am by no means a cake decorator so I needed this to be as simple as possible but fit with our theme!  While the kids waited for dinner to be ready they colored some pictures.

You could even simplify this further by ordering pizza (Pizza Planet anyone?!). There are so many different possibilities for menu items. What would you make to go with your Toy Story movie night? What other movie nights would you like to see featured?

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