Galaxy's Edge is Open - Here's How to Sound Like a Local on Batuu!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opened to guests at Disneyland Resort on May 31, and is coming soon to Disney's Hollywood Studios on August 29! The new highly-immersive land has been met with rave reviews, with guests loving the highly detailed 14-acre expansion, and the amazing Batuu residents you'll meet while you're there!

While visiting Galaxy's Edge, you may be met with phrases and greetings you are unfamiliar with... As a travelling guest to Batuu, here is a helpful translation guide, to make your stay even more amazing!


Bright Suns - Greeting during the day

Rising Moons - Greeting during the evening

Ignite the Spark - A greeting for those in the Resistance

Light the Fire - A Resistance response to "Ignite the Spark"

For the Order - A greeting/response/toast for those who support The First Order

'Til the Spires! - Serves as farewell or goodbye, spoken as a rallying cry

Good Journey - Casual way to say farewell

Common Phrases

Only the ancients know - I don't know

Being "Off-World" - Leaving Batuu/Galaxy's Edge

May the Spires Keep You - Wishing someone well


Younglings - A way to refer to children.

Padawans - Younglings who are strong with The Force

Youngling Transport - A stroller

Refreshers - Restrooms

Hydrators - Watering fountain

Data Pad - Smart phone

Travelers - Humans from earth who do not live on Batuu

Starship - Spacecraft used for travel to other planets and galaxies

Aurebesh - A common written language throughout the galaxy (see below for alphabet translation)

Aurebesh Translator

You can use this handy guide to translate phrases found throughout Batuu!

We hope this guide will help your interplanetary travels to Batuu become even more enjoyable! Don't forget, your 2020 travels to the Galaxy's Edge will be released on June 18! Don't forget to contact your Fairy Tale Concierge travel agent to get started today!

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