Solve a Mystery with the Midship Detective Agency on Disney Cruise Line!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone. You can lounge by the pool catching some rays, meet your favorite Disney friends, hang in the adults-only lounge sipping champagne, train to be a Jedi and fight the Dark Side, or you can focus on cracking some unsolved mysteries! Your needs will be met, no matter what ?

As a mom of two busy school-aged boys, interactive games are among my kids’ favorite things, and Disney knows how to do them best! We’ve played all the interactive games in the parks at Walt Disney World, so it was only natural that we’d set sail on the Disney Dream and get down to business at the Midship Detective Agency!

Disney Cruise Line has 4 ships in their fleet currently (with exciting plans in the works to add more ships to their fleet!) – Midship Detective Agency is offered on the Dream Class ships only: Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream.  It is a self-guided adventure, great for the whole family to enjoy. You will use a uniquely barcoded detective badge and the ship map in your casebook to sort through clues and rule out suspects to solve the mysteries (there are multiple different caseloads on board at any given time).  Think you have what it takes?

We had a BLAST on the Disney Dream playing Midship Detective Agency, solving one mystery after another, seeking out more than 20 “enchanted” pieces of artwork around the ship! The kids were prepared to play again, and again!  Adults, know that this has also been dubbed the “Adult Fitness Challenge” as you search from one deck to another, and one end of the ship to the other, to solve the mystery. Don’t feel guilty about the free-flowing soft-serve ice cream from Eye Scream and Frozone Treats  – enjoy ?

Midship Detective Agency is great family fun and your kids will love the adventure! If you’ve done it, we want to hear about it – share your stories in the comments below!  

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