Rain, rain, go away…I want to have fun at Walt Disney World today!

When you’ve been planning your dream vacation for 180 days or longer, secured the best dining reservations and perfect FastPass times, all for the perfect trip to enjoy the Florida sunshine, a little H2O falling from the sky may threaten to put a damper on your magical mood. Never fear…your Fairy Tale Planners have some great tips to make even the wettest day one that is filled with smiles, laughter, and all the magic you could hope for in the happiest place on Earth!

1. Come prepared! It’s Florida. It’s humid. It Rains. Bring a poncho! If the rain looks like it may pass quickly, use a poncho so you can continue your touring without putting a damper on those well thought out plans. (And, if it doesn’t rain, these also come in handy on water rides!) 

2. Rain = special experiences! When certain parades or shows cannot continue as planned, there are other experiences that you might not see if it was sunny outside! Be sure to check out the Rainy Day Cavalcade as it makes its way down Main Street USA. 

3. Take time to check out Disney Springs! With a wide variety of indoor shopping and dining, Disney Springs has some great opportunities to avoid a downpour, but it’s also home to a huge AMC Theater where you can dine while you take in the big screen! Not interested in a movie? Check out Splitsville Luxury Lanes Bowling.

4. Duck into an indoor attraction! Rain often falls in the afternoon in central Florida. While it is great to cool things off on hot summer days, there are lots of indoor options you can check out as well. From Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Magic Kingdom to the Lion King or Finding Nemo in Animal Kingdom, there are some amazing shows and experiences your Fairy Tale Concierge travel agent will be happy to recommend!

5. Monorail and/or resort hop. If you’re at EPCOT or Magic Kingdom, hop on the monorail and use the rain as a chance to see a part of WDW you might otherwise miss. You can even hop off at some of the monorail resorts for some shopping or dining while you wait out the rain! Cupcake Crawl, anyone?

6. Search for Hidden Mickeys. Did you know that you can ask the front desk of your Walt Disney World Resort hotel for a list of Hidden Mickeys? Most front desks will give you a scavenger hunt to look for Hidden Mickeys and other hidden details! Or, you can search for these on your own for an even greater challenge!

7. Grab a bite to eat!Check out a cool, indoor quick service location, or schedule your advance dining reservations (especially lunch) somewhere indoors! You can be comfortable, dry, and enjoying some fabulous food while the clouds get a little lighter!

8. Check out the splash pads or ride in the front of the boat at Splash Mountain. While you may not want your little one to be soaked for all those cute character and park photos ordinarily, rainy days are the perfect time to give in and “soak” in the full experience!

9. Schedule your day accordingly. Since rain is most often in the afternoon, try to get the most of your park time in the morning! You can leave the parks in the afternoon and head back to your resort for an afternoon nap, avoid the busiest time of the day in the parks, and recharge to head back to the parks for the evening.10. Enjoy short lines! The smallest drops from the sky will send thousands fleeing the parks. While outdoor rides will close for lightning, many still operate in the rain, and indoor attractions are still running as well. Take this opportunity for some great empty park photos and short wait times!

11. Talk to your Fairy Tale Concierge Planner. We literally have hundreds of tips and more pictures than our server will hold of our fun in the rain. (Ask your FTC agent about that time many of us survived a hurricane at WDW…)

Danielle Morgan is a featured writer for this blog and Travel Agent with Fairy Tale Concierge.  To learn more about her and read more of her articles, click here!