Royal Court Royal Tea aboard Disney Cruise Line

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

During our last family cruise aboard the Disney Dream, I had the pleasure of experiencing The Royal Court Royal Tea with my little princess.

The Disney Touch

Disney Cruise Line does a great job at making young girls feel just like royalty. When we arrived on-board and to our stateroom, there was a scroll addressed to my daughter inviting her to the tea. The day of the tea, we got dressed up and headed to the Royal Palace where the tea was held. From start to finish, the girls were made to feel special on their day.

When we arrived, we saw many little girls dressed in their favorite princess dress as well as other costumes and favorite dresses. All of the young ladies were given cards with their official title for the tea and then they were dusted with Pixie Dust for a little extra Disney Magic. Right before we entered the restaurant, each girl was crowned with a tiara and announced as a princess, and just like that Princess Ava of the Disney Dream was escorted to her table and her new adventure was about to take place.

The Experience

As we approached our table each girl was lavished with a ton of gifts. Each girl was given a

Princess doll, a jewelry box that contained special charms commemorating the occasion, along with a bracelet and necklace, a princess pen and an autograph book. Needless to say Ava was shocked and surprised by the goodies that were waiting for her. It was amazing to see the look on her face along with the other guests when they realized the gifts were actually theirs.

Now for the main event, the Royal Tea! Disney knows how to entertain a crowd. While the adults drank tea our little princesses drank apple juice in a princess tea cup. We also dined on various finger sandwiches and desserts. In advance, Disney Cruise Line asked about food allergies and since my daughter has a nut allergy, they created treats especially for her and served her separately from ours to avoid cross contamination.

Another treat for the little princesses, a cupcake with icing the color associated with their favorite princess. While we were enjoying our treats, our host and hostess Lady Chamomile and Chef Brule sang, danced and entertained us for the afternoon.

The highlight of the tea was of course the Princesses. During our tea we were visited by Rapunzel, Tiana and Cinderella. Each Princess gifted each young lady with a charm the color of their dresses for their bracelet and stopped by our table for a quick chat. At the end of the tea, each Princess visited each table and took pictures with their guests for the day. At the end of the hour and after much pomp and circumstance, we gathered our goodies and made our way to one more surprise, a picture with all of the Princesses together. This picture was literally the highlight of Princess Ava’s day, and made for a wonderful keepsake. The picture was delivered to our stateroom at the end of the cruise.

Yay or Nay?

I honestly feel this is an experience that should not be missed, especially if you and your little

one LOVE The Princesses. This event is opened to both boys and girls, but I feel this event is

more of a mother daughter experience or a father daughter date on the cruise. Though a little pricey, the intimacy of the tea, along with the Princess interactions and the gifts makes the experience totally worth it. I will say, don’t go there expecting a full course meal. Since this is a tea, finger sandwiches and a dessert is on the menu. The food is satisfactory, nor is it served in abundance, but it makes for a great mid afternoon snack. Again, you are not paying for the food, you are paying for the experience and character interactions. This experience by far was one of our favorite experiences on a Disney Cruise.

Valarie Johnson is a featured writer for this blog and a travel agent with Fairy Tale Concierge.