The Daily Poutine should be on your must-try list!

Imagine, you’re perusing one of the many Disney Springs shops and suddenly, your stomach begins to grumble. But the number of options for snacks is overwhelming. So what to get?

Well, let me direct you to one of my favorite snack spots. The Daily Poutine.

Some people will stop me right there, as the poutine served here is big enough to be a meal. This snack is big enough to share, but let’s face it, I never do. Ha!

The Daily Poutine offers a variety of poutine options: Classic (fries, beef poutine gravy and cheddar cheese curds), Latin (fried yucca, black beans, pulled pork and queso fresco), Italian (fries, mozzarella and Bolognese sauce), and French (Fries, mushroom cream sauce and Gruyere cheese). Being a Wisconsin girl with a fierce love of cheese curds, I get the classic.

The fries are perfection. Fried perfectly, they hold up to the gravy without getting soggy. They are piping hot and crispy and delicious. The cheese curds are good ones, and I should know! The gravy is hot and rich and melts the curds ever so slightly. The dish is savory and rich and a wonderful splurge. Paired with watermelon lemonade, a soda, or a Canadian pilsner, it’s the perfect snack. It’s a great treat to enjoy under an umbrella while watching other shoppers. It’s definitely one of my favorite stops at Disney Springs!

So let us know in the comments – What is your favorite at The Daily Poutine?

Beth Borneman is a featured writer for this blog and Travel Agent with Fairy Tale Concierge.  To learn more about her and read more of her articles, click here!