What is the best age to start going to Disney?

Hey there mamas… yes you, the one pinning all of the “Taking Toddlers to Disney” pins. The one watching the vacation videos and waiting for the day your kiddos are big enough. The one asking in the mommy groups, “How old were your kids on their first trip?”

I see you.  You’re impatiently waiting until they are old enough to ride the big rides, old enough to behave in line, old enough to remember it forever.  You’re wondering “What is the BEST age to take the kids to Disney World?” and I am here to tell you, this age right here, this one is the perfect age for a Disney vacation.

Mamas with little babies too young to say Mickey Mouse, this age is perfect. Mamas with a 3 year old princess, this age is perfect. Mamas getting ready to send your boy off to kindergarten in the fall, this age is perfect.

Mamas, no matter what age your baby is right now, this age right here is the best age for their first trip to Disney World.

While you are waiting for your babies to grow big enough to do and remember it all, you are missing the moments where they are little enough to believe in the magic.  I don’t mean that big kids can’t enjoy Disney or believe in magic – my own baby, Adison, is now 10 and when we are in our happy place, she believes. But there is a difference.

Adison was 3 on her first Disney vacation, and a few weeks later we were watching Toy Story for the umpteenth time when she turned to me and proudly announced, “Mommy, I met Jessie and Woody and they were REAL.”  When she was 5, dressed in a sparkly Ariel gown, she said with the same pride in her voice “Mommy they all think I’m a REAL Disney Princess!” You see, when kids are small, the characters they meet and become are really real.  The magic?  Well, that’s really real too.

Your sweet babies will never be this innocent and this big a believer in magic again, and so mamas..I’m here to tell you to plan a first Disney vacation for those babies now, today.  Because the time will never be more perfect than it is right now.

Merideth Wilson is a featured writer and site editor for this blog and Travel Agent with Fairy Tale Concierge.  To learn more about her and read more of her articles, click here!