Would You Rather? Food and Wine vs. Flower and Garden

Welcome to our Would You Rather series, where Fairy Tale Concierge agents go head to head on which awesome Disney thing they would rather do!

Up first, the mother of all Epcot questions.  Would you rather spend the day at the Flower and Garden Festival or the Food and Wine Festival?  It hurts my heart that I even have to choose a side here, LOL!

Up first, Elizabeth Breakey for Flower and Garden:

Oh, how I love the Flower and Garden Festival.  I once heard someone say that Epcot puts on her “little black dress” for Flower and Garden, and I couldn’t agree more.  The park never looks as beautiful as it does filledwith flowers, topiaries, butterflies and gardens.   Walking around Future World and looking at all the delightful herb and tea gardens is amazing, but the show stopper in this section is the Butterfly House.  I could spend half my day in there watching the hundreds of butterflies flit around, landing on shoulders and just being all around magical.  Then, head over to World Showcase to see the incredible Topiaries depicting all your favorite Disney characters in their respective countries!  I’m always in awe of the detail!   Flower and Garden Festival also comes with a concert series and special booths filled with delightful food and drinks to sample…  making it, in my opinion, superior to the Food and Wine festival…  Because with this, you get Food, Wine, AND flowers!

Up next, Beth Borneman for the International Food and Wine Festival!

Food and Wine Festival is my absolute favorite time to go to Epcot. And if you’re a foodie like me, it should definitely be on your list.  For my family, the fun begins when the menus are released mid-summer. It’s like the foodie version of planning fast passes. We like to map out this items we have to try and booths we have to hit; we look for returning favorites (I’m looking at you Liquid Nitrogen Chocolate Truffle with Whiskey Caramel Sauce!) as well as new additions to sample. With nearly 40 booths in 2017, there were lots of items on our list to try!  And the festival is more than just food booths (though those are my favorite!) There are food parties led by special hosts, food and drink seminars, presentations by celebrity chefs, and even hands-on workshops! Plus, what’s a good meal without entertainment? I love the Eat to the Beat concert series so I can rock out while I eat. And maybe someday I’ll even be inclined to burn off some of the festival calories by participating in the Food and Wine festival RunDisney events (but don’t hold your breath on that)! Besides, walking between food booths counts as exercise, right?

We also polled some of our FTC Agents to see what they thought, and though it was quite close, Food and Wine Festival came out on top!

So which is your favorite?  Tell us below!

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