Would you Rather? To Park Hop or Not!

Welcome to our Would You Rather series, where Fairy Tale Concierge agents go head to head on which awesome Disney thing they would rather do!

This week, we’re battling it out over Park Hoppers…  Some of us love to hop, some would rather stay in the same park all day!  Here are five reasons from two agents on why you might love to hop, or might love to stay put!

Up first, Jessica Alt in favor of Park Hopping!

I have never traveled to Walt Disney World without a Park Hopper pass! A Park Hopper allows you to visit more than 1 park per day. Here are my top 5 reasons why I think you should park hop!

Flexibility!  Have you ever tried to get the coveted Be Our Guest dinner and then you FINALLY snag it only to realize that it is the day you planned to be in EPCOT? With the park hopper ticket you are able to go about your day at EPCOT and then monorail over to Magic Kingdom to dine with the beast! This also helps when you want to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours when staying on property! If you are spending the day in Hollywood Studios and they close at 8:00 PM but Magic Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours until 1 AM, you can head right over to Magic Kingdom after Fantasmic! to enjoy some late night rides on the Jungle Cruise.

Disney makes it easy! There are different modes of transportation between the parks that make it easy to get from one to the next! There is a monorail between the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT with a quick stop at the ticket and transportation center. You can walk between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios and there are buses between the rest of the park. There is no need to go all the way back to your resort to get to your next park where then is a direct shot!

Maximizing The Fast Pass!  When you are park hopping you have a better chance at maximizing your fast pass usage. After your first three fast passes are used, you are able to go in to the app and get additional fast passes. If the park you are in has run out of them, you are able to check your My Disney Experience and see if the other parks have anything available. If they do, make the fast pass and jump on the bus and enjoy some more magic!

Length Of Stay!  Sometimes when you head to Walt Disney World you are only there for a short period of time. If you love all four theme parks but only have three days, with a base ticket you would need to choose which to skip. However, with a park hopper you are able to split one day in half and visit two parks!

Crowds!  You and your agent have checked the crowd calendars time and time again and determined that it is best to go to Animal Kingdom on arrival day. You get there and it is wall to wall people so much that it is not even enjoyable. With a park hopper, you are able to try a new park and hope for better crowds. This goes hand in hand with my number one reason to park hop; flexibility!

Up next, Heidi Daren on why she likes to stay in one park all day!

My family regularly visits Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. If you’ve looked at ticket options, you will see that there are a few different options on ticket type to make the perfect vacation for your family. Park Hopper tickets allow your family to visit multiple parks each day. Park Hopper Plus tickets allow your family to visit multiple parks each day plus take advantage of the two waterparks and mini golf options on property. Base tickets allow you to visit one park per ticketed day. Today I’m going to give you 5 reasons why the base ticket is the way to go!

No wasting time on buses!  When we visit Walt Disney World I love that once I park my car at the airport I’m done driving. From the Magical Express at the airport to the buses and monorail at the resorts, Disney magically transports me around property. With that being said, whenever you want to go somewhere there is almost always a wait for the bus. After you wait for the bus, there is also time spent doing the travel from park to park. This all adds up to valuable park time missed traveling to a new park.

No wasting time going through security and bag check!  This goes along with reason number one. Once you get off the bus at the new park you have to go through security and bag check again. I LOVE that Disney strives to be as safe as possible for all guests. What I don’t love is spending my limited time waiting to go through these processes multiple times a day.

No packing up kids stuff and folding strollers!  My family is a rope drop to park close group. With two kids, this means that we have a backpack full of stuff to carry around that gets shoved in the bottom of our stroller. If you leave the park to hop on the bus you will have to pack everything up and fold your stroller up to get on the bus. I prefer to do this as little as possible (read: twice per day is more than enough for me!!). Lugging around all that extra stuff and managing the kids can zap some of the magic out of even the biggest Disney lover on the planet.

Easier to plan your day based on historical crowds!  I love to maximize our time at the parks. That means I do my best to minimize waiting in lines. I plan our park visits using tools that predict crowd levels based on how crowds were previously. This isn’t an exact science and sometimes they get it wrong, but more often than not crowds follow the same patterns. If you hop around from park to park based on what you feel like doing in the moment as opposed to a plan, you’re likely to waste valuable time. That means less rides!

Have more time to discover all areas of the park!  There are lots of hidden gems in each park; quiet areas or attractions that guests miss or skip trying to just do the “top” attractions. When you intentionally plan to spend your entire day in one park you leave time to explore everything that park has to offer. Plus, let’s be honest. If you’re trying to pack everything into a short time at Disney the vacation can be exhausting. It really helps to have some downtime built into every day of your trip!

We also asked FTC agents which they prefer – and Park Hopping won the day!

So tell us what you think?  Do you love to Park Hop or would you rather stay in one park all day long?

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