You found airfare for how much? A Trip Report Continued…

Chapter 1

So, the last we spoke, I left off with us having everything booked and just counting down the days…  

Of course, I had to buy a bunch of frivolous things and Bill had spoiled me over Christmas with a few new t-shirts…woot!  We also got a little bit of bad news just after booking. Our little min pin Pedro developed a cough. After a vet exam, it turns out he’s got a mild heart murmur that’s causing some fluid build up.  He’s on meds now and back to his spunky, food begging self! But that shifted our kennel plans a bit, which upset me greatly. Bill and I both felt it was better with the meds being so new to board the boys with our vet.  She’s super sweet so we knew they’d be in good hands. No worries, though, they both did great! And we’re planning on going back to their normal kennel for our May trip! With that sorted, we started really getting into the planning.  I made my list of must-dos for the trip. 1) Get a Big Pink donut.  2) Hot Butterbeer and 3) Beignets from the French Quarter food booths.  Notice a trend here? I’m all about the snacks! Haha! I dug out the backpacks and questioned my sanity of just using those for 3 whole days.  (Spoiler alert…it worked out…mostly!) And I booked our pre-flight hotel! With a 2 hour drive from our home to the airport, an iffy weather forecast and a 7:35 am flight, it was necessary!  

So, Friday evening we both raced home from work, loaded up the pups and the backpacks to set off on our adventure.  The boys were super excited for the car ride as always until we pulled into the vet’s parking lot. We got some serious side eye then!  After they were settled and we were back on the road I realized my hoodie didn’t make it into the truck. Crud! A quick stop at Walmart and that was taken care of, thankfully!  Our pre-flight hotel was the Crowne Plaza in Bridgeton, MO.  Pretty nice place for the night! They offer park-n-fly rates, but Bill wanted the truck at the airport vs relying on the hotel shuttle.  This *may* have not been our best move haha! We got checked in to our king room quickly and with plenty of friendly smiles from the front desk staff.  Always a good start to a stay when they make you feel welcome from the minute you walk in! Here are a few pictures from the room and around the hotel.

After dropping our bags and shedding the coats, we headed down to TGIFriday’s on the ground floor of the hotel for some MUCH needed dinner.  Hangry had completely set in by this point. Our waiter was completely hilarious! I think he sensed the hangry hovering over us and was trying to diffuse it while we waited for our food.  He joked around and was SPOT ON with his recommendation for my meal. I was torn between the nachos appetizer as my meal or the Sizzling Chicken and Cheese. He was right that the chicken dish was delicious!  Or, maybe I was just hungry enough an old shoe would have been amazing, who knows? Bill got the Parmesan crusted chicken dish, which ironically was the exact meal I ordered on our first date in 2008! Crazy! We finished up our meal in much better spirits than we began!  

We headed back to the room, after a longing look at the pool we didn’t have swimwear to enjoy, for some much-needed relaxation!  We had a 4 am alarm to look forward to! I settled in with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban while Bill watched reruns of Law and Order.  We are exciting folk apparently! Eventually tired won over excitement and before we knew it the 4 am buzzing was telling us to get a move on!

Stay tuned for the next chapter about our arrival…

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